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  Tiltall Story  

Many have known the Tiltall tripod - like Phillipe Halsman or Fabian Bachrach or the photographers who worked with "LIFE" magazine - have known it of be one of the finest professional quality tripod available.

Creators of the Tiltall
In early 1900s, the Marchioni family emigrated to the United States from the Italian Alps. The two Marchioni brothers, Caesar and Mark were skilled engineers with a growing interest in photography. They decided to develop a practical tripod for their own use and in 1946 the brothers decided to produce and sell their first lightweight, solid and versatile Tiltall.

The Tiltall tradition and Leitz
From 1946 to 1973, Tiltall fame spread worldwide because of its design, quality and superior performance. In 1973, the Leitz Company in Rockleigh, New Jersey, the USA subsidiary of the famous German Leica 35mm system, contracted the brothers to move all the tripod works to Rockleigh. Here the Marchioni brothers personally trained the staff carry on the design and quality workmanship. This tradition continues today. Do you require a excellent support for precision photography? Why not own the best Tiltall tripod?



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